Emerging European markets

"I was afraid when others are greedy and be greedy when others are afraid." The quote is by billionaire Warren Buffett, and Board of investor is shared by Thierry Clark, head of the "Distribution Central Europe and emerging European markets" at Schroders. It is with the words of Buffett Clark launched INVESTOR Finance Forum, which brings together elite investment for the fourth consecutive year.
"Be careful when markets appear bullish attitudes" warns Clark during his presentation focused on the contradiction between investing and speculating.
He illustrates his thesis with traditional trends that the better deal markets, the more people are willing to invest. And it is in this line of thought Buffett's words are particularly relevant, says Clark.
"The past should not be an indicator of future returns. You have to look forward, "he said.
According to a global survey of Schroders, involving more than 20,000 investors all expect an average 12% return on their investment within the next 12 months. However, 45% plan to invest in low-risk assets.
"It would be a problem. It is difficult to achieve stable returns when investing in assets with low risk, "said Clark. "To have such a return, you must take a risk, and with the appropriate scale and timeframe," he said.
Therefore, according to Clark remain key timing and timing of the investment horizon. In support of his thesis, he again cites Warren Buffett: "A successful investment takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how big talent and effort, some things just take time. It can not be a baby in one month, even nine pregnant women. "